High efficient push rod heating furnace

Highly efficient in saving energy, with patented waste heat recovery technology, off-gas temperature lower than 80°C

Credibility is Foundation  and Innovation is     Destination

for producing aluminum alloy, brass, red copper, cupronickel

High productivity, uniform temperature distribution

Blank tracking, high automation level
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Company Introduction

Company Introduction



        Qingdao Yuxuan Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is located in Qingdao West Coast New Area, a state-level new area and a beautiful coastal area of Qingdao. The company is a technology provider focusing on design, supply and EPC service of industrial furnaces, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, intelligent equipment systems, and plant-wide intelligent control systems, and at the same time, it has made achievements in related supporting systems and equipment as well as intelligent modification.

        The company has established complete organizational systems for process and equipment design, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, general contract management, and enjoyed powerful strength in managing process design, equipment design, automation control and intelligent design.

        The company owns a number of invention and utility model patents, has been rated as Qingdao Science and Technology SMEs, and is nominee for the title of “High-Tech Enterprises.

        The company’s products cover many fields. In traditional material processing industry, we offer gas-fired smelters and holding furnaces; in the non-ferrous industry, we offer reheating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces; in iron and steel industry, we offer reheating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces, and, in galvanizing industry, we offer structural parts galvanizing furnaces and galvanizing lines, in forging industry, we offer natural gas cupola and heat treatment furnaces.

         In the field of environmental protection, we supply rotary RTO incinerators, plasma incinerators, and associated gas cleaning equipment, desulfurization and denitrification equipment.

         In the field of intelligent manufacture, we provide products of intelligent storage system, intelligent garage system, intelligent robot, enterprise intelligent control system.

         All drawing and plotting tasks of the company are based on 3D software. Space interference checking, virtual assembly, parameterized driving and layout inspection are carried out in the design to optimize the design and ensure product quality.

        For cut-edge products, we employ finite element analysis software such as Ansys/Fluent for thermal fluid-solid coupling analysis, combustion heat flow field and mass flow analysis, and moving structure kinetic analysis, with the aim to provide our customers with optimal technology solutions.

        In terms of manufacturing, the company has entered strategic cooperation agreement with several well-known manufacturers including “Yantai Best Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.” to provide customers with excellent equipment quality through strong partnership and excellent manufacturing strengths.

        Adhering to the spirit of "Credibility is Foundation and Innovation is Destination", and "Customer Orientation and Ingenuity Practices", we have been rooting on technology research, devoting ourselves in serving customers, responding to the needs of the time and braving in innovation. With our focus on reducing operation cost and improving productivity for the customers, we are dedicated to providing users with the highest quality and the best services.

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Address: Room 910, Fuying Building, No.443, Changjiang East Road, Qingdao West Coast New Area, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China